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Евгения Медведева и Александр Энберт в утреннем шоу Русские Перцы 21 06 2021

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Evgenia Medvedeva and Aleksandr Enbert at Russian Peppers show:

Host: Dear listeners, today our guests are the outstanding people - Aleksandr Enbert and Evgenia Medvedeva. On July 9, in Sochi, they will take part in the Anna Karenina ice show.

Sasha: Yes, we participate and play practically the main roles in the play.

Host: Last week Alexey Yagudin and Tatyana Totmianina came to us and said that they were playing the main roles.

Zhenya: It seems that we all play the main roles.
Sasha: Ilya(Averbukh) tells everyone that they are playing the main roles, therefore, we are happy, we skate, thinking that we are the main characters.
Zhenya: Yes, it somehow calms. [Laughs]

Host: What is this amazing ice production about?
Sasha: As a performer of the role of Levin, I want to say that good conquers evil, that love conquers, love unites and people live beautifully in this world.
Zhenya: In my understanding, this is a play about human feelings, completely different, with different motivation, with a different ending. I am very glad to play this role, because everything ends well for our couple in the final.

Translation. Evgenia Medvedeva and Aleksandr Enbert at Russian Peppers radio show

Host: How did it happen that you skate together?
Zhenya: In fact, the story began much earlier when they told us that we were to be skating together.

Sasha: Evgenia texted that it would be possible to participate in the show and offered to try something in pairs. I agreed, although I did not know if I would participate in this show.

Zhenya: It was very interested in this, in the show, I wanted to be more mobile and interesting. And I wanted to test myself in a different kind of figure skating.
Sasha: The show implies some kind of interaction of characters, and the paired elements (steps, rotations) help to express emotions and feelings. We have been preparing for the show since May.
Zhenya: We decided, if we are to do it, then to do it well.

Host: Does Sasha swear if Zhenya doesn't succeed?
Zhenya: I was very lucky with Sasha. The only thing that Sasha does is joke and laugh, I always apologize. Oh, I hit you with the blade, oh I hit you in the nose. Oh sorry I can't do this after 20 reps.
Sasha: I really understand Zhenya. She's a great skater. And here next to her is a person who constantly interferes, tugs, pulls somewhere.

Host: What's the schedule for the show?
Zhenya: 5 performances a week. We still have 2 weeks of rehearsals ahead of us.

Host: I can imagine the reviews of critics - “А great show, but Anna Karenina looks very tanned” (the show takes place in a resort town)
Sasha: Make-up artists will try to fix it. [Laughs]
Zhenya: Yes, it will be possible by the end of the tour(* all the skaters will get tanned in Sochi).

Host: Have you read the book Anna Karenina?
Sasha: I read it book when I was 15. I watched the Hollywood film, but I would like to see the Russian version, it has a high rating.
Zhenya: Honestly, I have read it, but not completely. I have watched the American version of the film 4 times.

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