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Ep13 Russian Nationals 2021 Pairs Ladies Чемпионат России Пары Женщины

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Russian Pairs & Ladies always deliver drama, and it was no different at the 2021 Russian National Championships. This episode, we finish our coverage of this competition with chats about how deep the Pairs field is, which teams are contenders for Worlds this year (if it happens), and of course we delve into the EXPERIENCE that was the final group of the Ladies’ free skate. Strap in, because our opinions on quads, Bolero, and on Anna Shcherbakova’s health are all laid out on the table!

00:00 - Intro
01:09 - Pairs
20:00 - Ladies
35:07 - Ladies: Daria Usachëva
37:27 - Ladies: Alexandra Trusova
42:07 - Ladies: Kamila Valieva
46:51 - Ladies: Anna Shcherbakova
1:04:05 - Kiss & Cry: book recommendation
1:04:20 - Kiss & Cry
1:05:36 - Outro

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