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How to stay alive when dirt riding alone Cross Training Enduro

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Safety tips for the solo rider. There are plenty of benefits with riding alone. Where and how you ride is totally up to you. No peer pressure. Stop for as long as you like. Go exploring when riding alone on a motorbike. But we need dirt riding ride safety tips so lets look at items like a GPS, tracker, EPIRB, SPOT emergency beacons and so on. Of course, there's the dangerous side too. A mate of mine went for a quick dirt ride midweek and crashed badly only 30 minutes from his house. The doctors say he would have been dead within the next 24 hours. Another local rider ran off the side of the mountain and his body wasn't found until six weeks later. This was only 15 minutes from the city limits. Tell someone where you are going on your solo dual sport ride and when you expect to be back. If you deviate from the plan, text them to let them know. It's best to start early and finish early as part of your enduro ride safety tips. Next? Stay within your comfort zone as a solo rider. Prevention is better than cure. Our resident paramedic, the Vanilla Gorilla, says ride well within your limits when alone. He broke his pelvis and couldn't move. Think about bright colours that are easily seen by search and rescue teams. Heaps of useful info out there for the solo rider, just google it with solo motorbike riding. See our vid "How to choose good protective gear and armour?" When riding solo, you want to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. But you will probably need to do a first aid course to know how to use the advanced stuff on solo enduro rides. Here are some basic suggestions for the solo rider. Check out suggestions on the advrider forum, riders who are paramedics have some very detailed info for serious solo riders. Our next solo motorbike riding tip, protective gear! Riding solo means you really want the best gear possible. Start on something lighter and lower powered. This is all self explanatory for solo riding tips for motorcycles. Another solo motorbike riding tip, a good tool kit. How much you carry depends on how remote you will be. If you google 'enduro riding tool kits', you will get some really good detailed info from solo riders who really know their stuff. Get into it. A first aid kit for riding alone on a motorbike. No one knew he was a solo rider. After three days someone finally rode down this obscure dirt road and found him on this solo enduro ride. Nasty stuff for solo dirt riding. So what can we do to make solo rides safer and less stressful? Solo motorbike riding tips! The most obvious tip for riding alone on a motorbike? If it's remote riding, be like a pilot and lodge a flight plan even for a solo dual sport ride! Ride hard when you have riding buddies to get your bleeding carcass to the hospital on an dirt ride. The next most obvious tip for solo enduro rides? Your bike! Keep it well maintained. Think about water purification tablets and insect repellent in your first aid kit. Electronics to the rescue! Thankfully there's all sorts of stuff to prevent us being stranded for days without help. Your cell phone. Pick a decent phone and plan with the widest possible coverage. Remember to keep your device accessible. For example, if you can only move one arm you probably can't get your backpack off to make contact. Make sure you can keep your devices charged via a USB outlet on your bike. This is a huge area, do your research for solo motorbike riding. Ride something you can lift by yourself. New to dirt riding? Personally I wear motocross boots when riding alone just to minimize the chance foot and leg fractures. Consider some type of armor for your chest as a solo riding tip for motorcycles Install GPS and tracker apps so that someone can see where you are as long as there is coverage. Also have a dedicated GPS unit on your bike, just have the phone as a backup. If you are getting really remote, check out personal locator beacons and emergency transmitters like EPIRB and SPOT. You can get satellite communicators for communication anywhere on the planet. . Research shows thoracic injuries are quite high for us older riders over 40 years of age. Consider putting next of kin details and allergies printed on your helmet. Wear ear plugs, you'll be less fatigued and more alert. Basic first aid kits are usually fine for one day solo dirt riding. The longer and more remote it gets, you might want an advanced kit.

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