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TRIBUTE Dena Weiner Ice Skating with Brian Johnson Honoring Brett Weiner

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LOVE HAS NO LIMITS! Things in Life don’t always work out as PLANNED!! We go thru life hoping we have control over our children and our everyday situations. 10 years ago, last Christmas I lost my middle son Brett in a car accident. After my family loss I was thrown into having only two options. 1, fall deep into depression, have everyone feel sorry for me and live a depressing life. OR… HONOR my son in the best and most POSITIVE way and get up each and every morning with a PURPOSE!! I chose the latter. For the last 10 years, all in my 50’s I was blessed and honored to have 4 wonderful gentlemen to Cabaret Theater Arts Ballroom dance, Ice dance and Pairs ice skate with. It’s been a whirlwind of tremendous experiences and challenges. I was given the best GIFT anyone could ever have in life and that was to be able to express myself through the feeling and emotions of dance and music. This has allowed ME personally to FULLY grieve and heal positively thru MY physical, mental and emotional body and mind through joy, happiness and self-worth. I set out on this journey to not have a destination but to live life to the fullest. Along the way I have been blessed by the man above for giving me SUPER POWERS after my son died to be able to do all the crazy ass acrobatic, dance tricks and lifts and strength moves I have done all in my 50’s. 10 years in the making training my ass off and the hours spent in the gym weight training and intense cardiovascular training, many hours spent in the ballroom dance studio and the last 3 years on the ice skating rink put my life in FULL perspective in this attached video. I am honored that Brian Johnson (alternate for the 2022 China Olympics in Pairs Ice Skating for the USA) trusted me enough to teach me and do all these crazy twisting turns and lifting moves in a short 9 months while he was training for the 2022 Winter Olympics. My past experiences with being an Elite Gymnast, Professional Fitness model and competitor and Professional Cabaret Theater Arts Ballroom dancer prepared me for this ultimate challenge of doing this on ice. My life goals are truly being fulfilled and this would not have happened without these amazing and strong men who literally picked me up in life! Thank YOU!! As you can see in this video, I am ALL SMILES!!! Video, filming and editing by Alec Sabino my son’s friend from high school.

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