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Why fair judging is harder than you think Look at the Google Reviews

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Many figure skating fans have noticed the unfair and bias judging in the figure skating championships. Some call it "Corrupted ISU". Some call it "Figure Skating Scoring Failed" Here, we are offering another theory based on the assumption that no one meant to cheat or rig the system. You know what really cause the bias? We, the humans. And all of us are guilty. Human nature is just subjective. Check up the online reviews and you will see why. How much can you really trust those reviews? When you wrote those reviews online, did you really think about serving the justice to the business or person you are writing to as well? There is a critical thinking issue called - the "Groupthink", where people relies on past data / other peoples' opinions to make the decision, and these are the inherent issue that cause the unfair judging.

Do we really have a solution? Not really. But it's time to start thinking.

Special Feature:
A wakeup call to the Japanese judges and Japan Skating Federation (Based on what we have seen in the Japan Nationals Figure Skating Championships over the past few years). It's time to change your Asian mindset!


HANYU Yuzuru vs Nathan CHEN - Step Sequence Battle | 0:00 - 2:30
Online Reviews vs Figure Skating Judging | 2:30 - 4:32
Nationalistic Bias | 4:32 - 4:57
Wake up Call to Japan Skating Federation | 4:57 - 5:23
Wake up Call to JSF (Japanese) | 5:23 - 6:00
The Asian Mindset "You are not good enough" | 6:00 - 6:44
The American Mindset "I'm the best!" | 6:44 - 7:03
Why every point matters in figure skating | 7:03 - 7:29
The danger of Groupthink & the 10th man | 7:29 - 10:38
The historical scores the skaters got will forever be a data influencing the judges | 10:38 - 11:07
Assumptions and Subscribe | 11:07 - 11:29

#Yuzuruhanyu - Yuzuru Hanyu, Yuzu, 羽生結弦, Юдзуру Ханю, 柚子,哈牛,ハニュ.ユズル, 羽生、柚る | GOAT (Greatest of all time) | Reigning #OlympicChampion | Team Japan
#Nathanchen - Nathan Chen, 陳巍,陈巍,Натан Чен, ネイサン・チェン | Quad King | Team USA
#Shomauno - Shoma Uno, 宇野昌磨, ウノ.ショマ, Сёма уно | Reigning Olympic Silver Medalist | Team Japan
#Mikhailkolyada - Mikhail Kolyada, Михаил Коляда, ミハイル・コリヤダ | #Rostelecomcup2020 Champion | Team Russia
#Kamilavalieva - Kamila Valieva, Камила Валиева, 卡米拉·瓦列娃, カミラ.バリエバ
#Satokomiyahara - Miyahara Satoko, 宮原知子
#Maoasada - Asada Mao, 淺田真央

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